Strong SPA Water Spout Can Be Harmful, Same as High Pressure Nasal Irrigation

nasal irrigation Benefit of hydrotherapy has been widely accepted by Physical Therapist for muscle pain relief and treating some illness. Hydrotherapy, aka water message is now seen everywhere, from high end SPA to local swimming pool to some people’s own bathtub. While many enjoys the comfort of water message, there have also been cases where the person’s pain worsened or caused new muscle damage due to a too strong water spout; that is why the strength of the water spout for a hydrotherapy must be set adequately. The same should apply to nasal irrigation. High end SPA’s hydrotherapy would use pulsatile water spout instead of a single strong spout to gently message different part of your body, the strength of the pulsatile water spout should also be variant according to which part of the body that is being messaged. For a very long time nasal irrigation has been widely recognized to be effective in treating sinusitis, rhinitis, post-nasal drip and many other nasal issues; however, just like doing SPA, while a very weak water flow is not effective in treatment, if one use a water flow is too strong to irrigate, one may damage his nasal membrane and may cause nose bleed. The traditional hand squeeze nasal bottle or rubber hose may be convenient for carrying, but the strength of the water flow is hard to control, making the process often not only uncomfortable but also ineffective. Neti pot uses gravity to draw the water flow through the nasal cavity, while this is safe due to the soft water flow, but it is very in effective in rinsing out the mucus as the flow is too weak. Dr. Davidson from UC San Diego has recommended using pulsatile nasal irrigation to help heal the wound after a sinusitis surgery. The key to a healthy sinus and nasal cavity is whether the movement of our nasal muco-cilia hair is normal; and a pulsatile nasal irrigator provides a pulse frequency that simulates our nasal muco-cilia hair movement. Not only this feature helps to rinse and cleanse the bacteria and mucus inside our nasal cavity and sinus, it’ll also help to restore the movement of our muco-cilia hair back to its healthy stage. Greatly reduces the use of medication and the chance of having to go through a sinusitis surgery. Also with the child nasal irrigator tip, children at the kindergarten age can also use nasal irrigation; and using a personal colored irrigation tip can help to prevent cross infection within the family. Dr. Hung C. Tseng