AirwayFit Sleeping Mouth Tape

$ 9.99

✧ Includes 32 strips
✧ 31¢ for a good night sleep
✧ Hypo-allergenic medical grade silicone gel
✧ Dimensions: 30mm x 55mm (1.18in x 2.16in)
✧ Packaged in Taiwan
✧ Warning:
Do not use if you are unable to remove the tape voluntarily
Stop using the tape if you experience any discomfort, and consult with your medical doctor

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Sleep well and no more dry mouth

Most people are use to breathing through their mouth, and even more so during sleeps, leading to mouth breathing and snoring. Sanvic Quiet Sleeping Tape uses skin friendly silicone gel from Germany. Provides gentle assist to tighten your mouth and induce nasal breathing. Let sleeping with dry mouth a thing of the past.

Sanvic Quiet Sleeping Mouth Tape is skin-friendly and hypoallegenic.

Insomia or poor sleeping quality is damaging your mental and physical health

More than 40% of adults had accidentally fallen asleep during the day or at work. Poor sleeping quality not only affect your physical health, but may also lead to mental pressure, work related risks, and relationship problems.

Clinical studies suggest open mouth breathing is one of the leading causes or poor sleeping quality. Sanvic Quiet Sleeping Tape is designed and recommended by ENT specialist and used as AirwayFit and Buteyko breathing training aids. Easily helps you close your mouth during sleep, induce nasal breathing and improve your sleep quality.

Poor sleep quality leads to fatigue in the morning and at work, affecting your concentration and judgements, whick may result in severe risks for machine operator and driver.

Best aid for CPAP and anti-snoring mouth piece

CPAP and anti snoring mouth piece are common devices use to reduce the symptoms of snoring and sleep apnea.

Use Sanvic mouth tape with CPAP can help prevent air from leaking through the mouth, which may cause pressure drop or inconsistency.

Use Sanvic mouth tape with anti snoring mouth piece can help tighten the mouth and secure the position of the mouth piece.

Sanvic mouth tape can help CPAP users achieve optimal effect against sleep apnea or snoring.

How does Sanvic Quiet Sleeping Tape help you sleep?

Sanvic Tape helps to keep your mouth close to induce nasal breathing.

Nasal breathing can maintain the humidity and temperature of air flowing into the airway, and also filter out or minimize foreign bodies, bacterias, or viruses from entering.

Open mouth breathing may induces dry mouth, frequent urination at night, bad breathe, snoring, headache, loss of conentration, and fatigue.

Anatomy shows that the simple act of opening your mouth will cause the upper airway to become narrowed and the tongue dropped backward. The narrow passage increases the speed of air flow and causes negative pressure and further collapses the airway (Bernoulli's Principle).

Open or close mouth changes the position of the tongue. When your mouth is open, your tongue falls backward and obsruct the airway and leads to the snoring sound.

Medical grade silicone gel, skin-friendly and hypoallegenic

Most tapes use acrylic gel, and even though they comply with hypoallergenic tests, but because our lips and skin nearby are more fragile, using these tapes continuously for several days may still cause redness or broken skin.

After testing more than 10 types of gels, we have decided to adopt the German made medical grade silicone gel for our new Sanvic Quiet Sleeping Tape. Even though the costs are 50% higher than the original acrylic gel, we believe the extra comfort and skin-friendly experience for continuous uses will be worth it.

Sanvic Quiet Sleeping Tape uses hypoallergenic silicone gel

Starting tonight, make the wife happy

"From the first time I tried Sanvic's sleeping tape, my wife has been satified with the product. The new silicone tape is comfortable even after the whole night, and I can easily peel of in the morning without any irritations after consecutive uses."

--A long time user

Your partner or roommates' compliments will be all you need.

Many couple sleep in seperate rooms due to snoring. Make your partner happy by improving your sleeps and stop snoring.

Product Specifications

  • Sanvic Quiet Sleeping Tape
  • Includes 32 pieces
  • Dimensions:30mm x 55mm

DO NOT USE if you are incapable of removing the tape by yourself for any reason, include and not limited to:

  • After consumption of alcohol or sedatives or sleeping pills or any medication that causes drowsiness
  • Young children
  • Physically or mentally impaired
  • Or if you have severe nasal congestion, severe heart or breathing problems, or very low blood pressure.

In the rare event if you experience allergic reaction or any irritation, please STOP using and consult with your doctor.


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