Sanvic Xylitol for Nasal Wash

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Natural Antibacterial, A new evolution for sinus rinse

100% natural plant extracts, no additive or preservative. After 4 years of testing by our ENT specialist and product team, Sanvic Xylitol for Nasal Irrigation provides you a safe, comfortable, and super effective nasal irrigation experience that helps to keep your nasal cavity clean, fresh, and healthier than before.
Sanvic 洗鼻專用木糖醇,洗鼻抑菌加強保護,百分百高純度木糖醇,無其他添加物,並經醫療生物相容性檢驗通過,無毒低敏不刺激。
Sanvic 洗鼻專用木糖醇,木糖醇有天然抑菌功能,洗鼻抑菌加強保護。

Xylitol is like the soap for nasal cavity, cleanse and help to inhibit bacteria growth.

Effectively activates nasal immune system, minimizes and inhibit bacteria growth, and alleviate nasal symptoms. Sinusitis, thick nasal mucus are often caused by bacteria growth in the nasal cavity, and Xylitol can help prevent bacteria from growing on the nasal mucosa.

Wash your hands with soap, Rinse your nasal cavity with Xylitol!

Xylitol can help your nasal cavity removes the bacteria and inhibit new bacteria growth.
  • Activates immune system in nasal cavity
  • Help prevent bacteria from landing onto nasal mucosa
  • Inhibits bacteria growth
  • Alleviate sinusitis symptoms
Sanvic 洗鼻專用木糖醇,洗鼻抑菌加強保護,百分百高純度木糖醇,無其他添加物,並經醫療生物相容性檢驗通過,無毒低敏不刺激。

Product Specifications

  • Sanvic Xylitol for Nasal Wash
  • Includes 28 packets
  • Mix with 200mL/6.8oz of warm water
  • Use sterilized/filtered/preboiled water only
  • Do not use tap water for nasal wash


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