Sanvic Buffered Salt for Nasal Irrigator

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Nasal saline developed by ENT specialist
An easy, safe, and comfortable choice.

Sanvic Buffered Salt has been sinus rinse users' best companion for more than 20 years. Composition developed by ENT specialist, includes sodium chloride (salt) and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) only.
No additive, no preservatives.

Sanvic buffered saline, developed by ent specialist, with more than 20 years of clinical uses and no additives or preservatives added.

Quality • You can trust

USP grade sodium bicarbonate and sodium chloride from USA and Taiwan. No anti-caking agent or other preservative added.

Tested for heavy metal and biomedical compatibility by SGS
Does not induce cytotoxicity, irritation, or sensitivity.

Produced by medical grade QMS plant in Taiwan.

Product Specifications

  • Sanvic Buffered Salt
  • Inlcudes 60 packets
  • Mix each packet with 500mL/16.9oz of warm water
  • Use sterilized/filtered/preboiled water only
  • Do not use tap water for nasal wash


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