Pulsatile Ear Irrigation Kit

$ 300.00

  • Hands-free precision footswitch control
  • Gentle and safe pulsating flow
  • Ultra-light weight handle
  • Effective and safe CurvaTilt nozzle
  • Large reservoir with a compact size
  • Built-in filter valve
  • Fully isolated diaphragm pump
  • Worldwide voltage 100-240VAC
  • Safety auto shut-off mechanism
  • Soothing quiet operation
  • Accessories include Ear Wash Basin and Ear Drying Wick

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Over 500,000 patients each year
Designed for professional use
Your best tool for cerumen management

Precision Footswitch Control

Professional ear irrigation is a delicate task, our footswitch not only allow you to free up your one hand, your other hand that holds the handle is also more stable because your finger no longer need to control the flow simultaneously. The result?

Enable your irrigation to be easier, more precise, and safer.

Ultra-light weight handle

Combining with the precision footswitch control, the ultra-light weight handle leaves you no finger/hand/arm fatigue after a full day of irrigation.

Allows easy and precise maneuvering and yet relaxing for your hand.

Patent Pending Ear Irrigation Bulb

With precision tilted water stream that prevent direct impact to eardrum, safety ring to prevent over-insert, and extra-large drain so nothing clogs

Large reservoir (500ml / 17oz) provides sufficient water to perform ear irrigation for both ears. Eliminates the need to refill during irrigation for your patient.

All in a compact sized device that can easily be placed on your desk, cabinet, a stool, or a rolling tray table.

Unlikely typical piston pump, our fully isolated diaphragm pump prevents water contact with internal lubricant. Ensure water stays clean and maintenance free.

Filter out the unexpected with our built-in filter valve and rest assured that your won't accidentally wash foreign subtances into the patient's ear.

Worldwide Voltage

Medical grade adapter capable of 100-250V input.

Safety Auto Shutoff

Auto standby after 3 minutes of continuous operation, and shutoff after 1 minute standby.

Quieter Operation

With just 44dB sound level during low pressure setting operation.

Ear Irrigation Accessories

Ear Drying Wick

Instant absorption.

Ear drying wick in 50 pieces pacakge

Ergonomic Ear Wash Basin

Soft smooth fit.

ear irrigation kit accessory: large capacity ergonomic basin

For UK and Australia, the Sanvic Pulsatile Ear Irrigator is sold as Guardian Projet.

United Kingdom

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