Possible Causes of having Strange Feelings in Your Throat

People who often feel discomfort in their throat are generally caused by Chronic Throat Inflammation, Post Nasal Drip, and/or Acid Reflux. Further diagnosis must be made to determine the actual cause, and treated accordingly to resolve one's throat discomfort. "I often feel something is stuck in my throat, but I couldn't swallow or cough it out. I've seen many doctors, and they all said nothing is there, but I'm still worried." "I've been coughing for 2 to 3 months, and nothing seems wrong with my lungs x-ray, but no matter how many cough medicine I took, I still feel itchy in my throat." "I have hoarse voice, and I always feel sputum stuck in my throat. I have to continuously clearing my throat to speak." These patients with throat discomfort are often diagnosed as having Chronic Throat Inflammation. Some doctors will suggest these patients to relax and drink warm water, and that these symptoms are slowly disappear. However, the problem is, in some of these patients, their symptoms do not disappear. In these cases, a thorough check in the throat must be made first to be certain nothing bad is growing in the throat. Then investigate if there are mucus stuck at the back of the throat. If yes, consider the possibility of Post Nasal Drip. Also if the intersection of the throat and esophagus is swollen, it might be caused by Acid Reflux. acid reflux burning sensationA typical symptom of Acid Reflux is the burning sensation in the chest. If the patient also has this symptom, it is almost certain to be caused by Acid Reflux. However even if one does not have this symptom, Acid Reflux should not be ruled out, as clinically only 2/3 of the patients have this burning sensation. Further diagnosis can be done by inserting a monitor tube through the nose to the stomach. However because it is an uncomfortable procedure, you can usually take medicines for Acid Reflux for a period of time, and if your throat discomfort improves, then you can also be certain that it is caused by Acid Reflux. Besides taking medications, you must watch your eating habit. Prevent from over eating, eating too much sweet and/or greasy food. These foods would result in excessive stomach acid and affect the stomach's digestive functions. In addition, avoid eating before you sleep, and use a thicker pillow to prevent Acid Reflux when you sleep. Another cause for Chronic Throat Inflammation is Post Nasal Drip. For patients with Acid Reflux, not only would the acid flow to the throat and cause throat inflammation, it could also flow further up to the back of your nose and cause Chronic Rhinitis or Sinusitis, thus leading to Post Nasal Drip. If you experience both Acid Reflux and Post Nasal Drip, your best solution is to treat both symptoms at the same time to fully resolve your problem of Chronic Throat Inflammation.