Can Young Kids use Nasal Irrigator?

Very often, patients ask me: "How old do my kids need to be to use a nasal irrigator?" I usually suggest that if the kid is able to communicate and is willing to try, kindergarten kids can easily perform nasal irrigation. In our clinic, we have seen regular user as young as 2-3 years old. When I see young patients with thick mucus, I tend to encourage them to use a nasal irrigator to wash out the thick mucus and limit the use of antibiotics and other medications. Some parents would nervously watch and become surprised as their kids successfully cleanse out the mucus under the guidance of our nurse. A mom once told me that even though she was afraid to try it herself, her kid is a happy user of our Pulsatile Nasal Irrigator. When we go to a new place or try something new for the first time, many people become nervous as we don't know what will happen next. People are afraid of the unknown. However once you settled in the new place or have experienced for a couple days or weeks, the nervousness disappear. Many parents have taken their kids to swim and once the kids are use to being in the water, learning how to swim becomes a breeze. Learning nasal irrigation is very much the same. Once they are well communicated, an with the right guidance and encouragement, 3-4 year-old kids can easily perform nasal irrigation. To help ease the process, we have also introduced a nasal tip designed for kids. This specially designed nasal tip limits the water flow to wash one side of the nasal cavity at a time. Like brushing your teeth prevents cavities, routine nasal irrigation can effectively prevent and remedy common colds and sinusitis. As a bonus, you can greatly reduce the use of antibiotics. I would strongly recommend parents to first try nasal irrigation themselves, and once you have fully experience nasal irrigation, encourage your kids to watch and try. You might find them very well capable.