Sinus Rinse on the Go.

Sanvic’s patent pending sinus rinse bottle with a dual-valve and antimicrobial design, allows you to safely, easily, and comfortably rinse your sinus and nasal cavity whenever and wherever you want.

A large 8.5oz (250ml) capacity ensures there is sufficient rinse to thoroughly cleanse your nasal cavity and sinuses

Dual-Valve Design for an easy, safe, and precise rinse

Other sinus rinse bottles sometimes can be challenging to have the "perfect squeeze". If you squeeze too soft, a portion of of the solution will retract back into the bottle and doesn’t provide an effective rinse. If you squeeze too hard, you could potentially be harming the nasal cavity membrane with the high pressure flow.

Sanvic Dual-Valve design with its one-way flow and instant closure feature, allow you to squeeze the bottle softly for the solution to gradually rise up in your nasal cavity and provide a very gentle and effective nasal sinus rinse.

If you accidentally squeezed hard on the bottle, the outlet valve design also regulates the flow to prevent stronger water pressure from shooting straight onto your nasal cavity membrane.

Anti-backflow Design

No matter how strong or gentle you squeeze on the bottle, our anti-backflow valve prevents the sinus rinse solution from flowing back into the bottle once it enters your nasal cavity, this helps the rinse to be more effective as all the solution is flowing forward and prevents any contamination into the bottle.

Antimicrobial Nasal Tip

Our silicone nasal tip used on Sanvic’s Nasal Wash Bottle is coated with silver ion, which has antimicrobial effect and helps to prevent bacterial growth. Allowing your nasal wash to be truly safe in washing away existing bacterial without introducing new ones.

When bacterial comes in contact with the surface of our silver infused silcone nasal tip, the silver’s positive ion binds to these microbes and disrupt their normal cell function, preventing them from reproducing and results in the death of these cells.