Symptoms of Sinusitis

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Making an accurate diagnosis is the first and important step to successful therapy. You can use the following symptoms to evaluate if you or your loved one suffers from chronic rhino-sinusitis. If you have at least two major symptoms, or one major symptom with two or more minor symptoms, and these symptoms persist for at least 12 weeks, then you are highly suspected to be a victim of chronic rhino-sinusitis. You should visit a medical specialist for detailed examination to make accurate diagnosis. major symptoms
  • facial pain/pressure
  • facial congestion/fullness
  • nasal obstruction/blockage
  • nasal discharge/purulence/discolored postnasal drainage
  • hyposmia/anosmia
  • purulence on nasal cavity examination
minor symptoms
  • headache
  • fever
  • halitosis
  • fatigue
  • dental pain
  • cough
  • ear pain/pressure/fullness
These diagnostic criteria were published by the Task Force on Rhinosinusitis (TFR) in USA, and were approved by the American Academy of Otolaryngology, the American Academy of Otolaryngologic Allergy, and the American Rhinologic Society. Dr. Hung Cheng Tseng