Sanvic Pulsatile Ear Irrigator

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Professional Pulsatile Ear Irrigation

Safe & efficient ear wax removal with our pulsating cyclone water blade rinse. Designed and Recommended by ENT Doctor

World's 1st multi-frequency pulsating flow

Designed by ENT specialist with 30+ years of clinical experience; the bionic flow design mimics and stimulates a healthy nasal cavity, provides you a gentle, comfortable, yet ultra effective irrigation experience.

Easy, Comfortable Ear Wax Removal

Premium soft-touch silicon tip for a comfortable nostril seal. Multi-color tips for all family members! Our ENT specialist invented the first-of-the-kind, Kid-Friendly nasal irrigation tip designed exclusively for young children. The backflow channel design allow the young children to have a pleasant nasal wash experience on their first try. Many of our young patients actively ask their parents if they can repeat the nasal irrigation after they experienced the comfortable nasal wash sensation, and seeing their yellow nasal mucus being flushed out.

Smart Control

Easy, smart control with auto shut-off

Easy to Use

1 Button for On/Off, 1 Button for Frequency control

Bionic Design

ENT specialist designed pulsating frequency, mimics and stimulates healthy cilia movement.

Universal Voltage 100V ~ 240V

Use anywhere in the world.

Easy Tip Change

Lightly press and remove

Quiet Design

Quiet irrigation experience thanks to our suspension noise reduction design

Durable Complete Isolation Water Pump

With our unique isolation pump design, water is fully isolated from internal component lubricant, offering a much longer component life

Safety First

Medical grade electronics, leaving you a peace of mind

Why Sanvic?

We build decades of clinical ENT experience into our products. All of our products are designed by ENT specialists, tested and improved from day 1 with many patients from our own clinics and partnered medical facilities. The products you receive are tried-and-true and thoroughly tested by our own patients, medical staffs, and their immediate family members; ensuring the product we deliver to you is safe, comfortable, and effective. We want to make sure you get the same benefit that we provide to our loved ones.

Product Specifications

  • Sanvic Pulsatile Ear Irrigator
  • Water container capacity: 500mL/16.9oz
  • AC110-240V, 50/60Hz


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