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Nasal Irrigation Tip for Kids

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Pulsatile nasal irrigation is highly recommended by medical professionals as home remedy for sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and cold (URI).

Try to use Sanvic pulsatile nasal irrigator if you or your loved ones suffer from annoying nasal secretions, nasal obstruction or cough. This drug-free natural sinus care can save you or your kids from antibiotics over-usage for sinusitis or cold; and avoid the drowsy or irritable side effects of the drugs for nasal allergy. Using the Sanvic warm saline pulsatile nasal irrigation likes bringing an ENT doctor at home to remove the annoying purulent nasal secretions.

Save your time! Save your money! Save your health! We strongly suggest each family member has his/her own nasal tip to avoid probable cross-infection. (Using the same nasal tip might induce cross-infection).

The model of SH953 Sanvic pulsatile nasal irrigator, family, is equipped with 3 adult nasal tips (blue, pink and green colors tips), the model of SH951 Sanvic pulsatile nasal irrigator, personal, is equipped with one adult nasal tip (blue color). You can purchase additional nasal tips if necessary, either adult tips (green color or pink color) or child tips (blue color or pink color).

Direction for use: Slide the nasal tip onto the groove of the Sanvic pulsatile nasal irrigator handle until it locks in place. Then follow the directions of the Sanvic pulsatile nasal irrigator.

6 color tips (EN)


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