Nasal Irrigation can Effectively Reduce or even Prevent the Occurrence of Common Cold

On September 21, 1998 at the 50th American Academy of Family Physicians, Dr. Richard Ravizza dn Dr. John Fornadley of Pennsylvania State University noted that nasal irrigation can be effective in preventing the occurrence of common colds. In their research, they divided 294 Students into 3 test groups: the first group of students perform nasal irrigation daily with warm saline water; the second group take placebo daily; the third group acts as the control group. The result shows that the first group (nasal irrigation daily) experiences far less occurrence of common cold than the second and the third group. Dr Ravizza points out that nasal irrigation is has long been a part of the yoga regimen. In his interview with Reuters, he suggests that Nasal irrigation can effectively preventing infection. While the scientific reason is yet unclear, the result has proven that its effectiveness. When asked whether nasal irrigation is uncomfortable. Dr. Ravizza said most students are use to nasal irrigation and feel comfortable within a week. Benefits of Pulatile Nasal Irrigation: Product with saline rinse the virus which can reduce the body 's own immune system load. When cold, nasal secretions become thick pus , which will affect the movement of nasal cilia ( nasal secretions need to rely on the movement of cilia discharge ) , by the pulsating nasal irrigation can be washed away and let the sticky secretions nasal cilia movement to restore normal function. Warm salt water can also promote blood circulation within the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses . Saline nasal may also be good and it can not only keep the nose and sinuses moist also promote wound healing Simple operation. Pupils themselves can easily use . Punch after you feel refreshed . Pulsatile Nasal Irrigator - your best choice Developed by Otolaryngology specialist and based on nasal anatomy and physiology, pulatile nasal irrigation not only cleans your nasal cavity but also help restore your nasal cilia movement. A functional cilia movement keeps you away from sinusitis, relieves allergic rhinitis and helps reduce frequency of colds. * Pulsatile Nasal Irrigator is promoted by medical professionals all over the world. Dr. Tseng's recommendations: For a long time, if I encounter sore gum inflammation, I do not take anti-inflammatory drugs, instead I use oral irrgator with high concentraiton of saline water against my gums. It usually takes no more than 3 days to recover. If I experience stuffy and/or runny nose, I also nasal wash with pulsatile nasal irrigator. It normally take 2-3 nasal washes to be fully cleared. Best way to prevent cold: Drink plenty of water, vegetables, fruits, adequate sleep, moderate exercise, and a happy mood. Patients often ask me: "Do I need to eat "health products?" My answer has always been to drink more water. How much water do I need a day? There is actually no set amount of water a person would need in a day. It varies. However as a rule of thumb, if your throat do not feel dry, you go to the washroom every 1-2 hours, and the color of your urine is close to transparent instead dark yellow, then you should have enough of water. Additionally, drink plenty of water but avoid drinking a lot at once. Drink less amount at once and drink frequent. Situations when you need higher water consumption: Doing a speech, working under the sun, in a hot environment, in an air-conditioned room, eating sweets or spicy food, beverages, biscuits, chocolate, and = alcohol. Can I replace water with tea or other beverages? It is best to drink water, because our body cell and tissue fluid is water.