How To Clean and Maintain My Nasal Irrigator

nasal irrigator,sinus irrigator In order to maintain the life of powered nasal irrigator, it is important to follow these steps to prevent malfunction of the machine. Fill the water container with warm tap water and turn the power on to let the tap water run through the unit and nasal irrigator tip after each nasal irrigation process. This rinsing process can remove any saline remaining in the unit and the tubing, as this accumulated saline over time may cause the tubes to be clogged. Make sure to turn the nasal irrigator off when the water container has run out of water, and then unplug the power cord for safety concern. Remove the water container and rinse it with tap water, and then put it back into its original position with the cap closed to prevent dirt. Remove the nasal irrigator tip and also rinse it with tap water. Tap both ends to remove any liquid within, and store it into the tip storage box. Also close the cap to prevent dirt. If you use nasal irrigation on a daily bases, we recommend adding vinegar to the cleaning solution to remove salt deposits once a week. We also recommend using premixed buffered salt for nasal irrigation, not only it is convenient and comfortable; the premixed packet salt dissolves faster and easier, further reduces the chance for the machine to get clogged.