⁄ When and who should use pulsatile nasal irrigator?

When and who should use pulsatile nasal irrigator?

Pulsatile Nasal Irrigator is the best and most recommended tool to use in Maximal Medical Therapy for chronic rhino-sinusitis or other rhinitis/sinusitis. If your doctor have not heard about it, please introduce it to him or her. We have seen huge success in treating rhinitis and sinusitis over the past years since adopting pulsatile nasal irrigation in our clinics and several partnering clinics. This helps us significantly avoid unnecessary surgeries and medications that are all too common in the industry.

For most conditions, perform nasal irrigation 3 times a day, 500cc each side each time. For cleaning or preventive purposes, perform nasal irrigation 1-2 times a day or right after exposing to polluted environment.

Hay Fever
Post Nasal Drip
Nasal Allergy
Common Cold
Asthma Control
Upper Resipiratory Infection
Snoring / Sleep Apnea Syndrome
Head and Neck Cancer
Pregnant rhinitis
Atrophic rhinitis
After Care for Nasal / Sinus surgery
After Care for Head and Neck Cancer receiving Radiotherapy
Factory Working
Polluted Environment
In contact with other patients
Flu Season