Differences between Sanvic pulsatile nasal irrigator and other nasal irrigators

Sanvic pulsatile nasal irrigator is designed by experienced ENT doctors and medical engineers from the ground up. Most other powered nasal irrigator that are simply modifications from oral irrigators, or manual nasal irrigators like squeeze bottles and neti pots, could pose potential discomforts or dangers due to their unideal or even uncontrollable irrigation pressure.

Unlike the competitions, we designed our nasal irrigator “for” nasal irrigation. We even designed the pulsation frequencies so that it matches that of the normal muco-ciliary movement on the nasal and paranasal sinuses membrane. So not only does our nasal irrigator washes your nasal cavity, it also helps restore your body’s immune system! (Muco-ciliary movement is like an active filter inside your nose)

Sanvic Pusatile Nasal Irrigator may share the same purpose as other alternatives, but with our decades of clinical trials and experiences with pulsatile nasal irrigation going into the design and continuous improvements, we are confident that its effectiveness, comfort, durability, and the whole experience are the best in class.