Cold Prevention and Treatments - 1

Cause of Common Cold Common colds are caused by virus invasion of the human body. However, common cold virus is a very generic term, as there are in fact hundreds of different virus that could lead to a cold. Many people presumed they are immune after a cold, but the fact is, there are still other virus that could potentially lead to yet another cold. Ways of Cold Infection General beliefs are through saliva droplets in the air, as well as physical contact. So it is recommended to wear mask and wash your hands frequently. Symptoms of Common Cold Also known as Upper respiratory infection. General infected upper respiratory area including nose and throat. These lead to blocked nose, running nose, sneezing, throat pain, cough, ...etc. Treatment of Common Cold There are in fact, no simple and effective way to treat the cold viruses. The common treatments are simply treating and easing the symptoms. This is the reason why some patients may experience varying symptoms after taking medications. Prevention of Common Cold Many patients often ask how to prevent common cold. Should they take pills, vitamins, honey, proteins? The answer is much simpler and cheaper: eat regularly, drink more water, sleep well, don't stay up late, be happy, exercise, dress according to weather change, and wash your hands. When people around you shown symptoms of common cold or during flu season, use pulsaitle nasal irrigation daily to maintain your immune system and keep out the viruses.