4 Steps To Stop Sinus Infection

We treat our sinusitis patients by our Sanvic way since 2001 with some modifications. We got amazing success and patients satisfaction. You may discuss with your medical doctor to see if it is adequate for you. The key to success is the intimate cooperation between medical doctor and patient. Both should understand what happened, why happened and how to treat very thoroughly. We start our Sanvic way to stop sinusitis from an accurate diagnosis, then explain and discuss with the patient, and finally find the best way to help the patient stopping the sinusitis. Diagnosis: Detailed history taking: including all the discomforts of the patient (not only nasal/sinus discomforts, but all the discomforts the patient might have), family related history, life style, environmental factors, etc. Physical examination: complete ear, nose and throat examination, with a thorough flexible nasopharyngoscope for more in depth examination of nasal chamber, nasopharynx and throat. CT scan is not a must, though it's better if available Communication: Explain to the patient about his sinusitis, so we can work together closely to cure the sinusitis. patient's motivation and cooperation plays a very important role to successful management. We encourage our patients to watch and record their symptoms carefully, and discuss deeply when the patients visit our clinic. Management: 4 steps to stop sinusitis Step 1: Pulsatile warm saline nasal irrigation
  • cornerstone for the success
  • must perform twice per day
  • nasal saline spray
Step 2: Environmental control
  • no smoking
  • avoid air pollution
  • environmental humidity
Step 3: Life style
  • sleep
  • water intake
  • emotion
  • exercise
Step 4: Professional help
  • topical antibiotics
  • oral antibiotics
  • topical steroids
  • other medications
Dr. Hung Cheng Tseng