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clean ear wax with ear irrigation

Treat your ears well

Still using ear clamps or suction to clean ears?

Sanvic provides pulsating ear irrigation with swirling flow ear tips,
allows easy and comfortable ear cleansing from ear wax, sand, molds, pus.

Sinus rinse can be a joy

20+ years of clinical sinus rinsing experience,
helps us to continuously evolve the nasal irrigation experience.
Comfortable or not, kids know best.

Youngest user age:
3 years old
Sanvic pulsatile nasal irrigation, number one choice for children

Soothing Pulsation

Pulsatile nasal irrigation
breathe fresh, breathe safe
Used in various clinics and hospitals around the world.


sinus rinse, nasal wash for kids

Sleep well
is more important than everything else.

"My wife is happy"

- A satisfied buyer with a happy wife

為什麼晚上想尿尿,早上又口乾舌燥? 舒眠膠布,讓你輕鬆睡個好覺