Effective Nasal Hydro Therapy

Pulsatile Nasal Irrigation is a clinically proven remedy for your nasal discomforts recommended by medical professionals around the world. We actively use it in our clinics, and encourage our patients to do it at home.

Natural & Drug-free

Are you worried about complications from continuous use of antibiotics or complexity from surgery? Then Pulsatile nasal irrigation, a medically proven remedy and hygiene practice, is just the thing for you.

A Cost Saving Choice

1 in 7 people has nasal infection. Every year it costs Americans over 6 Billion dollars for prescription drugs, and 7 Billion dollars for clinical visits. Sanvic Pulsatile Nasal Irrigator costs from just $109.99 for your entire family.

For your family
For your kids

Colored silicone nasal tips allow sharing among your family with care & love. A specially designed nasal tip for kids allow even 3 year-old to say no to drugs and yes to natural remedy.

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  • $109.99

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